The 5 Self-Healing Powers Featuring Eat-ology

Strengthen your team by strengthening each individual. By equipping your teams with ways to get well and stay well, you will reduce unnecessary insurance claims, absenteeism and function more productively and efficiently. The 5 self-healing powers will maximize productivity and energise the workplace by controlling physical, mental and emotional workplace related stresses.

The 5 self-healing powers unearth:

• The most important workplace postures and how to make them stick.
• The key steps to finding and sticking with the diet that’s ideal to energise your team.
• How to detect improper breathing and its relation to digestive issues.
• The number one source of weight-gain and how to avoid it.
• The exercises & simple stretch routines to keep spines strong, flexible & young.
• The quick steps to dissolving workplace stress including interpersonal conflict, job frustration and lack of fulfillment.

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