1. What if I cannot attend an event that I already paid for?

The good news is that you can either notify us 48 hours prior to the start time of the seminar and you can either transfer the ticket to someone else, or you can attend a future seminar of equivalent value.

2. If a complimentary coaching session is available with one of my purchases, when can I book the session?

In the event that a free coaching session comes with a seminar booking you can contact rasha@droudi.com and either book the coaching session before or sometime after the event. In some instances, you may even have your session during the event. All complimentary coaching session are to be booked well in advance to ensure availability.

3. If I book a one on one coaching session can I bring along a family member or friend.

Yes you may and the price remains the same regardless of how many people accompany you.

4. What if during a complimentary consultation Dr. Oudi feels he is not the best person for the job?

In this case Dr. Oudi will refer you to one of the experts in his vast global network.

5. What if I purchase a coaching session and do not use it for some time?

The coaching sessions you purchase do not expire, but if you do not use them for an entire year a small fee may be applied to account for inflation and price changes.

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