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  • How to get your HEART, MIND, BODY AND VOICE working for you, instead of against you
  • P.O.W.E.R Thinking - 7 steps to find, define and refine your purpose and 5 steps to turn stress into fuel
  • Eat-ology - 7 easy steps to find your OWN diet, attain your ideal weight and stay there for life
  • The Psychology of Speaking a 3 step process to get you peaking by tweaking your speaking
  • Proven ways to Master the 'Inner game' of money, so you can consistently raise your net-worth
  • The 5 self-healing powers
  • How to boost your creativity, confidence and connections with others

“People forget that the best athletes always have a coach. If you want to raise the standard of your life, you need a coach too. This guy is a hidden gem, hidden because many people like me that he coached became successful in the eyes of society, are selfish in that we don’t tell others about him. I went from a man behind the dishwasher to the person I am today, first because of Allah Almighty, second I leave it up to you to discover. Let’s just say that I hand over to you the master key of achieving your dreams.”

Nehme Imad Darwish,
( Chief Executive Officer Jannah Hotels & Resort
Chairman, Darwiche Worldwide Legacy )

Dr. Oudi’ Reply : “I appreciate you Nehme, your special team and the vision you have for Jannah. Coaching is the easy part frankly. The hardest parts, the gems, are honoring the purpose within your heart and recognizing that coaching doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you but that there is something extraordinary within you that’s worth honoring, awaking, and mastering.”

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